Aavjo Vhala Fari Malishu

Aavjo Vhala Fari Malishu

Behind every successful man there is a women. Behind some, there are father also. This is a story about a boy and his blived father. Mr.Ishwarlal Thakkar, a toy manufacturer showers his love, affection and money. On his only son Bobby, who is the apple of his eye. And quite late in his life does the father's incessant protectiveness Bobby turns out to be an irresponsible 27 years old who lives and behaes like a 19 year old reckless teenager. A time comes when Ishwarlal realizes that if he does not control his son's wayward behaviour, his life will be doomed. Bobby lives in a fantastic illusionary world where he see himself as great film star. But in spite of being good actor, he does nothing to nurture his dreams. Ishwarlal finds out to his dismay that he is suffering from a terminal disease and that he has very little time left to set the records straight. And hence he decides to teach his son a lesson without revealing the facts of his impending death. Ishwarlal gives Bobby a crash course in life and after making him to go through much needed trials and tribulations of and insecure life style. Ishwarlal helps bobby emerge as a successful and responsible human being. Bobby, upon realizing, his father's strength of character, helps him die a peaceful death, fulfilling all his dreams and desires.


Deven Bhojani
Vandana Pathak
Sucheta trivedi

Writer , Director:- Aatish Kapadia


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