Baa Bahoo Aur Baby

Life is a collage of people. Different people. People who come in various shape sizes temperaments and idiosyncrasies. The thakker family, living in a huge old-fashioned house in parle [east] is one such collage. Where godavariben thakker the matriarch rules her family, consisting of an assortment of characters. These are real people. Who have real problems. Their problems range from burnt milk, unexpected guests to the inability to pay property tax, which could lead to demolition of their house! The magnitude of their problems, rather situations, can vary and will vary. But the believability of the said situation shall be consistently high. Baa bahoo aur baby, therefore, is a realistic, voyeuristic insight into the lives of people who represent the quintessential, just about upper middle class. The approach shall be lighter in nature Vis a Vis dynamically dramatic shows. Drama shall be as integral to the show as in any other show but the situations shall be dealt with from a completely different perspective, thereby making it look like a slice of life. A spicy sweet and savory slice of life. Godavariben`s family is a box of assorted chocolates where no two pieces are the same... And every piece is worth its salt or shall we say sugar! The collage of these characters live in an interdependent fun filled atmosphere where tempers get flayed over running water or soiled towels! Where space is not the constraint but yet privacy is an issue! Where people shamelessly interfere in each other's life without giving an iota of thought to the fact that someone might not want the interference. A typical boisterous Gujarati lohana family that is flawed paradoxical and REAL.  This is a house where co existence is the key word. Where a matriarch makes the rules. And different rules for different people! This is a family where dissent is a birthright yet agreement is a common feature. A family that lives together, fights together, schemes together, bitches together [and separately] and manages to hold the collage together in spite of several gaping cuts! Baa bahoo aur baby essentially is a daily soap that shall attempt to bring a smile on the audiences face just as it is about to shed a tear. Because the show will, in all earnestness, look like a mirror to them.

Cast :

Sarita Joshi  as Baa
Arvind Vaiya as Labhshankar
Lubna Salim & Anjali Mukhi as Leela
Rajiv Mehta as Arvind
Paresh Ganatra as PRavin
Vaishali Thaker as Pravina
Rajesh Kumar as Subodh
Suchita Trivedi as Meenaxi
JD Majethia as HArshad
Sonali Sachdev as Shilpa
Deven Bhojani as Gattu
Benaf as Baby
Kamlesh Oza as Hemal
Sweta Keshwani as Guddia
Amit Verma as Birju
Manva Naik as Dimple
Gautam Rode as Anish
Nimisha Vakharia as Charubala
Nitin Vakharia as Tushar

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