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it is a serial that takes the life of 4 sisters, whose parents died in a fire caused by a short circuit. However, this fire would not have taken their lives, except for the case of the aunt of the girls, their father’s sister, who hid the key to the room in which the parents were. The sister, Nimma Fai, had decided that the fire should let the parents die, and so it happened when the parents die. Now she wants the sisters to get married off so that she can take the property for herself.

The sisters are basically straight, but it is not necessary that all of them are fully strong, as the second eldest sister Smriti is weak in the head, and this gets further enhanced when her mother-in-law hides the medication she needs. Smriti has given birth to a baby Prem, but when it seems that her mental health could cause problems, her mother-in-law Kamini forces her to go to a mental health institution; at this, eventually the husband, Mihir would be marrying another girl Mansi to give care to Prem. However, Mansi is after his wealth, and to prevent this, Smriti’s elder sister (Purva) married Mihir to the shock of Amar, with whom Purvi was supposed to be married to.
A tale of 4 sisters, Purva, Smriti, Akashi and Anokhi who go through their adult lives facing the death of their parents along the way. It show the loving bond of sisterhood. its a story about life, progression, bonding among the sisters. It traces the lives of four sisters-their travails, their joys, their sorrows, their triumphs as they journey through life.

Cast : 

Aalesh Sayed as Purva 
Shanju Kataria as Smriti
Adaa Khan as Aakashi 
Ojaswi Oberoi as Anokhi
Ketki Dave as Mimafui
Suddep Sahir as Mihir
Dolly Monhas as Kamini Sanghvi
Akshay Anand as Jay Mehta
Ajay Chaturvedi as Amar
Dheeraj Dhoopar as Bhavesh PAtel 
Manoj Mishra as Shyamldas

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