Chaldi Ka Naam Gaddi

Concept :

The Kapoor family runs a caravan called "Bhatinda Express" and each and every family member is part of it. They travel throughout the country and perform the acts at which they are best. Because of their popularity among all generations, people across all regions come to see their show.

Besides the art performance, the story also deals with life and individual aspects of all the characters that are part of this caravan.

Like any story, this ludicrous family also faces many obstacles, especially when the caravan lands into a big problem and the family has no option except to stay together and save themselves and their "Gaddi".

Cast : 

Suhashini Mule as Veerawali
Ravi Gosai as Balwant
Pradeep Joshi as Inder
Athar Habib as Dharma
Daksh Singh as Parmeet
Ruby as Kuljeet
Bhamini Oza as Bhairavi 
Ashish Roy as Das Babu 
Suhan Singh as Soni

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