Ek Bijane Gamta Rahiye

Ek Bijane Gamta Rahiye

Rajanikant Bhayani believes in enjoying his life at fullest. He loves everything colour that life offers but unfortunately, when his wife dies in an accident at a very young age, he sacrifices all is enjoyment in the process of growing up his son and daughter but their children never realizes that.
Years pass by his son rajesh get married and earn lot of money, they buy a beautiful home in walkeshwar but not in his dream he imagined that this flat is also sold to a south African based woman a write by profession. Builder is a criminal who forces them to stay together for Rajesh it is a big problem but for Bhailal it becomes blessing in disguises that women (Lavanya) becomes a great friend and make him enjoy the colours of life he was missing.
But Rajesh and his wife can not accept this he finds it strange and humiliates them and asks to break their friendship as society is asking questions about their relationship so rajanikant and Lavanya decides to give a name toothier relationship and get married but Rajesh take a violent turn and threatens to leave the house. So rajni and lavanya decides to drop the idea of marriage but at the end good sense prevails and Rajesh though relventantly but agrees to their marriage and rajnikants life begins at 40.


Deven Bhojani
Sarita Joshi
Vaishali Thakkar
Jamandas imajethi
Shmeta Shah
Dipesh Shah
Aatish Kapadia

Writer , Director:- Aatish Kapadia


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