Remote Control

Family Babulnath was an extra ordinary family in today's commercial world. It was perhaps the last family in metro city not to own TV till yesterday. But as the parents succumbed to children's longest lasting demand, and as TV came home, family's fate changed. 
Babul, the head of middle class family, was trying very hard to give his family lots of comfort but due to his basic clerical job and his sole earning member status he couldn't keep up with the demands of the family. Like many others he too dreamt of becoming rich overnight and thus played luck game, Lotto every week but didn't win a penny. 
At the same time a TV channel called Golden Eye, which was always unsuccessful, had come on the verge of shutting down. As their last attempt of survival, they came up with an idea of a reality show that will portray common man's life. 
Channel's search of finding the right man for the show and Babul's search of excelling in life brought both forces together in a funny coincidence and family Babulnath was chosen as a protagonist for the reality show. Other than babul no one in the family was aware of the secret shooting happening at home. 
How channel hits the bull eye with the show, how family goes on changing with the show, how channel and Babul manage to maintain the whole show a secret from the other family members, how once successful the channel starts showing it's true colours, how the family members gradually get to know of that trap and how finally the united family rebels and comes out of trap is a story of remote control.

Cast : 

Deven Bhojani as Babbul
Supriya Pathak Kapur as Barri
Mansi Parekh as Bubbly
Jay Soni as Bunty
Suraj Thapper as Channel Head
Bebaf as Channel EP


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