Thank You Kokila

Thank you Kokila is a social fantasy it's a story about a man called Antitragi who is a dynamic businessman, smart, arrogant and intelligent young man, he is proud of his gender, never respects women rather thinks that women don't have brains.

One day an angel comes to his house as antitragi's life is over and give him the punishment of becoming a lady for some time as the hell is over crowded and what better punishment for a man to become a woman who don't like women.But in a woman's body it is still antitragi' soul who challenges angel that he will regain his money and power that he had earned. Now a cat and mouse game start between Antitragi and angel, he somehow manages to get a job of maid servant in his own house. But angel throws the obstacles in Antitragi mission and Antitragi find other ways of regaining power and money but in this game Anantrai start realizing that in the process of making money he has lost the love of family his sister, his wife and even his small child everybody fears him or hates him , but nobody loves him. So he starts doing what he never did in a man's body he take out his family from a business problem, arranges his wife chandrikas marriage with a good person and wins everybody heart before leaving with the angel, but this time he is not going to hell as he has rectified all his wrong doings he is now going to heaven.


Sarita Joshi
Deven Bhojani
Jamanadas Majethia
sonali Trivedi
Rajesh Soni
Dipesh Shah
Pranav Aashar.
Writer , Director:- Aatish Kapadia


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